We are a home studio with environmental sustainability as top priority. Here are a few ways we are committed to the sustainability of our environment.

  • Our main paper supplier is local: All delivery materials, which are made of recycled content, are reused or recycled eliminating the waste or disposal of plastic & and non-recyclable items.
  • We use & procure sustainable material: our foil and papers are biodegradable; our ink management system reduces the amount of ink used and all cartridges are recycled; we make our own stationery boxes made with paper
  • All materials that enter the studio are recycled: everything, including any packaging or remnants are recycled.
  • Scraps are reused and recycled: we reuse paper for foil stamp testing or as bands for our stationery sets.
  • Our environmentally friendly equipment includes: non-electric paper cutter, a small digital printer, a hand-press foil machine & a non-electric scorer.
  • Compostable packaging made of 100% recycled content: we use ecoEnclose for our shipping boxes
  • We maintain a minimalist approach to operations and methods: from photo props to supplies, our goal is to use less for more.